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Thank you for deciding to sign up on our email list. Occasionally there is a need to notify members quickly about one thing or another. If we have your email address, you can receive the mass mailing of any notice. You can choose to receive your Newsletter by US mail, but if you decide to receive your Newsletter by email only, you will also help the group save money on printing and postage costs.

Now that we are using this MailChimp.com mail service, you can update your email and some other contact info online. We can monitor this to also make these changes to our master membership list. If you have a postal address, or any other change that is not on the online form, please send those updates to Info@MyGCOA.org.

When you click to download, to view the newsletter from the email you receive each month, you will be accessing the Internet. If this is a problem, or if you have any other problems getting the Newsletter, please reply to the newsletter email each month you get it, and let us know you would like to receive it as an attachment. We will reply back to you with the attachment.

Thanks again,
GCOA Editor


Sign Up on the GCOA Email List